As the lead designer at, I've spent the last three years creating a strong brand identity and developing a design language that's both visually compelling and flexible to use across departments. Live site

  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity Mock-ups
  • Responsive web design
  • iOS app design
  • Icons & Illustration
  • Print Design
iOS app views

The iOS app in all its glory (sans the recent company name change).

iOS app views iOS app views iOS app views iOS app - empty data sets

Empty data sets are a vital step to the app design process.

top coupons on laptop

The challenge here was to take five existing webpages and consolidate them into one easily-digestible experience.

using promo codes page on browser

Introductions don't need to be boring.

merchant page on laptop

Merchants typically have one or two coupons that excel better than the rest. Designing the layout to showcase the best coupons at the top provides a more focused path for the user.

merchant modal screenshot

Using promo codes online isn't universal knowledge, so it was important to provide instructions every step of the way.

category page on browser

In addition to traditional navgation, I thought a clever search tool could get users to their destinations even faster.

envelope and paper airplane icons

A few of the many icons designed for the Using Promo Codes section.

hanging coupon illustration piggy illustration

Illustrations aren't my forte, but I enjoy creating them when given the opportunity.

icon set for affiliates and partners

An iconset designed to represent the services offered to advertisers and partners.

learn about our company screenshot

Page navigation can be big.

careers offered screenshot contact us screenshot
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